Steel Garages in Minden, NE

Crossroads Welding supplies customers throughout Minden and Axtell, NE with high-quality steel garages, crafted to stand the test of time. Whether you’re protecting vehicles or safeguarding your supplies, our steel structures are built to stand tough.

Our steel garages are available in single-, double- or triple-wide options, with widths of 12′ to 16′ wide per half and up to 60′ long. Garages are built on 3” x 5” x 3/16″ rectangular tubing with a 2″ square 14-gauge framework and 2” x 4” 11-gauge rafters.

Garage Doors and Features

Overhead doors are included in the price of the garage. Garage doors can also be installed on the side walls. Options for garages include walk-in doors in standard or commercial sizes, windows, skylights, insulation and more. We do need to be informed if you are planning to use an automatic garage door opener.

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Double- and Triple-Wide Steel Carports & Garages

Our double- or triple-wide steel garages are delivered in two halves and assembled in a couple of hours. Garage doors are included in the price. Garages can be placed on concrete or the ground for maximum convenience. We perform concrete anchoring during delivery. Once installed, our steel carports can be wired for electricity with relative ease.

Steel Carports

Low Rib Panel Color Chart

Available in 26 gauge

Coverage for Vehicles and People

If you need the convenience and peace of mind that comes with a steel garage—contact Crossroads Welding today at 308-832-1287. Our steel carports, garages, fencing panels, and open-front sheds are fabricated to last, bringing maximum convenience, durability and reliability with them.

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