Metal Fencing in Minden, NE

Crossroads Welding primarily serves the welding and fabrication needs of area agriculture operations—although our services are open to anyone who may need them. We have experience welding everything from bale haulers to well covers, with the ability to customize anything we work on to meet your unique application. We work with agricultural operations, commercial businesses and even private individuals to produce well-made goods that stand up to whatever application they’re used for.

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20 Ft Feestanding Panels

Freestanding Fencing Panels

Our panels are either 1-1/4″ or 1-7/8″ 14-gauge tubing. The 1-1/4″ panels have 1-1/4″ tubing and chain connectors or 1-1/4″ square tubing ends and male/female hookups. The 1-7/8″ panels have 2″ square ends and connect with either chains or male/female hookups.

Calf Pen

Metal Gates

Our gates are manufactured with 1-1/4″ 14-gauge, 1-7/8” 14-gauge, or 1-7/8″ 12-gauge tubing. Gates come with a choice of latch: chain, deadbolt or cowboy, either 12″ or 18″ L-bolts for the post. Walkthrough gates are gates with 6’, 7’ or 8′ arch.

Panel Cart With Panels

Continuous Metal Fencing

Continuous fencing is 1-1/4″ 14-gauge by 20′, 1-5/16″ 10-gauge by 21′ or 25′, with 5 round center braces (not flat). Clips and sleeves are included in the price of the continuous fencing and may be mounted on steel or wood posts.

Portable Wind Break

Misc. Metal Fencing

In addition to continuous fencing and stock metal fencing solutions, we also fabricate various other fencing options, depending on your application. This includes wind breaks, calf pens, freestanding panels and much more.

Low Rib Panel Color Chart

Available in 26 and 29 gauge

Interested in Fencing

If you’re in need of metal fencing—including panels and gates—turn to the welding experts at Crossroads Welding. We offer stock continuous fencing, as well as customization options to meet the needs of area customers. Reach us today at 308-832-1287 to discuss fencing solutions.

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