Bale Haulers in Minden, NE

Crossroads Welding primarily serves the welding and fabrication needs of area agriculture operations—although our services are open to anyone who may need them. We have experience welding everything from bale haulers to well covers, with the ability to customize anything we work on to meet your unique application. We work with agricultural operations, commercial businesses and even private individuals to produce well-made goods that stand up to whatever application they’re used for.

Broad Capabilities

Over the past 30 years, we’ve worked with a broad assortment of customers on projects of all sizes, types and specifications. To say that we can weld pretty much anything is an understatement! From huge barns and garages to custom work on bale feeders and other installations, we welcome your project with open arms.

  • Bale Feeders with Wheels
  • Bale Handler – The Xtra Man
  • Bale Haulers
  • Chutes
  • Deer Stands
  • Roping Boxes
  • Round Bale Feeders
  • Well Covers

Other products include inline feeders, large panel carts (holds 40) or small panel carts (holds 20), bucking chutes, big round bale feeders, bale feeders on wheels and round tubs.

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Fabrication Customization

Have custom requirements for your project? Need help modifying a design to fit a specific application? We’re more than happy to tweak our designs and identify customizations that will improve the utility and convenience of your project. We can adapt previous project concepts we’ve worked on or create something completely custom for you.

Dog Breeding Frame
Water Manure Separator Building

Quality Commitment

We always use the best quality materials and proven fabrication standards and practices when creating products for our customers. We believe in doing work right, which results in not only a long-lasting product, but one that offers tremendous value. If you have any questions about our capabilities or the materials we use, we invite you to ask and get the peace of mind that comes with a quality answer.

Low Rib Panel Color Chart

Available in 26 and 29 gauge

Bring us Your Project

Let Crossroads Welding put more than a century of combined experience to work for you, to produce the metalwork projects you need. Our workmanship speaks for itself, and we strive to bring you a solution to your needs that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today at 308-832-1287 for more information.

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